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    Well, even if we do end up getting unlimited data for $10, I don't want to be standing there downloading it at 50k all day.

    Have you guys found a good batch of sites for use with blazer...or is there a place on the web where this is dicussed.

    So far I have failed. Yahoo Mobile seems worthless, like Sprint's vision. Where is the GD search engine? or did you guys forget why you exist. Any good search engines for Blazer?

    And maps!?!? It's tough to impress people with wireless directions in text format will 1 turn listed at a time.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    thump monkey =

    the rest- just click on the link and the address will be in your browser explorer bar!
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    You might have missed the fact that handspring has pre-loaded a kind-of portal front-end to a lot of sites. It's one of the screens in the Blazer defaults - has subheadings like News, Technology, Sports, etc. I'm NOT talking about the cheesy Sprint portal front-end - this one is via the Mobile Handspring site, which (I think!) is pre-loaded on the phone. Somewhere....
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    This page has a link to sites optimized for the PocketPC... several of them are good Treo sites as well
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    I finished checking out the pocketpcmag site listed above... it is the gold mine of web sites that work well on blazer
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    Here's another site I just found that has a ton of links: PalmLoyal

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