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    Well, I guess I shouldn't have done it, but I downloaded the new business connect and now I can't sync. It gives me an error 110.

    Anyone have a suggestion? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success...
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    This has been a nightmare... I have some old messages that keep popping up on my Treo and I have NO IDEA where they are coming from.. they aren't in my inbox... they come when I sync up and I have NO IDEA where on my computer there are.. I deleted the app a dozen times.

    I also get error 110 now when trying to sync

    This is a mess.... it was working fine.. tehre is anotehr thread about this look at that.

    It has been anightmare.
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    I'm getting the same error message and then mysteriously it will manage to sync at like 1am and then not again for a few days. Has anyone figured this out yet?
    Pretty frustrating.
    If I wasn't able to get my mail via blazer, I'd be totally upset.
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    Anyone figure this out yet?
    I've even downloaded the new version from BC.
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    Having used Business Connection since SPCS first released it way back when, I would suggest doing the following when installing a new version of the BC app for the Treo. I do this each time and have never had a problem.

    Delete the old version from the Treo. Do a soft reset on the Treo. On your desktop PC, delete the Palm BC application. Reboot your PC. Then install the new version of the BC app for the Treo

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