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    So, I visited the mobile version of The Weather Channel ( I wanted to check the weather in San Jose, CA.

    I clicked on "Check My Weather." ( I selected a state (California). On the next screen, I selected San Jose.

    The result?

    47 degrees F, partly cloudy.

    Hmm. It feels warmer than that.

    From the non-mobile Weather Channel site, the weather is 57 degrees F, mostly cloudy.

    Something ain't matchin' up.

    Upon closer inspection, the mobile version of the weather report is marked as "1990: pm EDT" Perhaps the temperature was 47 degrees some time in 1990. My llama mind is boggled.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has seen similar behaviour of the site, and if anyone has asked about this weirdness? I'm gonna ask them myself, but curious.
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    I've noticed the same thing. I thought that a refresh would help, but it did not. Maybe the site is in a parallel universe?

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