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    Anyone have an english website to order from? My german is a little rusty (I understand about every other word) and if I spend my money, I would like to read ALL words that are associated with the transaction.


    BTW my Treo's antenna unscrews as well. I just held my breath, closed my eyes and hoped that I wouldn't break it. Looking back, I feel like such a moron.....even though it didn't break.
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    Just write the guy an e-mail and he'll send you all the info.

    +49 (0) 6695 572
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    Curious.. how the heck do you buy one of these Mini Antenna? I did a "buy it now" ebay auction a couple of days ago but there were no instructions at all on how to give payment.

    So.. I'm like.. okay, now what.

    I wrote yesterday asking how but haven't received an answer yet. I suppose I should wait a few more days?? Very weird. Just curious how everyone else was able to buy.

    Edited to say I got a response to my email and have now sent payment via paypal.
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    The guy is reliable, just wait.
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    Hrmmm....if you can unscrew the antenna and replace it with the mini...and if the antenna doesn't actually effect the service much you suppose you could replace it with one of those little flashy thingies you can buy anywhere? Not that I would do such a thing, of course....
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    Based on what I read on the ebay mini-antenna auction, the Treo should also accept antennas that are made for the Motorola V70. Give that a try, you should be able to find a flashing antenna for the V7 easilly.
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    Bad news for me and my Treo 300. Today I got my mini antenna, so I went to install it. Well, after much messing around, I find that my original antenna, despite being threaded, did not want to unscrew.

    Long story short.. some retard at Handspring puts loktite on the antenna, so I had to dremel the antenna off and remove it from the long side. Took two pliers to finally unscrew it due to the loktite. What a stupid idea.

    So now I'm all set to put the mini antenna on. It's 1/8" too short!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Doesn't touch the contact. Made out of some crap metal that won't take solder unlike brass. Blah, waste of money.

    Now I have to go down to the mall and hopefully get a V70 antenna of some type to get my signal going again.

    Edited to say that I finally got some gold plated wire to solder to it.. and then I used some low-temp solder in a mold to make a 1/8" extension, which I then mirror polished with a dremel. Took me like 6 friggen hours to get the thing to work.
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    Check your Private Messages potatoho.

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    Same here. It's a chunk of junk. I am so ticked that it is too short. It looks good the bottom of my desk drawer.
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    I've ordered a pile of small antennae from an online place. Various ones for the Motorola V60 V66 and V70. They're like $3 and some are like 0.10 promotional items. I also am getting some regular sized ones.

    When I get them I'll tell you guys which sizes fit properly, because I can't tell enough from the pictures.
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    Just wondering. I bought mine from CC in NYC and I live in NJ. Could you please tell me which sprint store in nj you went and exchanged your treo? My Treo is a mess, I'm having a lot of problems. TIA

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    The store was on Route 4, near route 17 in the paramus area I guess.Hope that helps you
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    Bagbklyn : Thanks! I was just on the phone with a sprint tech support and they are going to reprovision my phone from the start - which will take about 6 hours. If the condition does not improve, I'll take it to the store and see what they can do.
    Thanks again.

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    yes, iwas interested also on those flashing antenna to replace the one for treo 270, if any one one of you guys had done this please post it and the place where i can order those flashing antenna.
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