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    I have been signed up for about a half dozen Yahoo! Alerts for about three weeks now. The only ones I consistanly receive are those for weather. Any one else having issues. I have 2 sport alerts set to update me as scores change with no notice. Breaking new, never see a thing.

    Are there better alerts services than these. I have used the eBay alerts through MSN and those have worked but these from Yahoo! have been worthless.

  2. #2 has good email alerts.
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    I was trying to get Yahoo weather alerts, but I just got an SMS saying weather unavailable for xxxxx zip code. But it wasn't even for the requested zip. I turned it off.
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    If you use Cingular, they also provide some alert services from the MyWirelessWindow website (you have to sign in with a User ID). Go to the "Alerts" tab and set up your preferences.
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    Oh wait a minute, I'm in the Treo 300 forum ... d'oh ... so much for cingular ...
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    I've tried Yahoo alerts off and on for several years, and the only one that has been halfway reliable was the email alert. The news/sports/etc. alerts have been spotty at best. Plus the content is terrible.

    As much as I hate to say it, I think the MSN alerts are the most reliable. I really like their new traffic alerts -- very impressive and fast.

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