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    If this question has been asked previously, you have my apologies.

    Are there any Treo 300-aware launchers out there? By "aware", I mean they have the little service level indicator and battery icon in the top right, like the built-in launcher.

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    i use 'megalauncher'. it leaves the phone screen alone so you have the same display there. i re-set one of the hard buttons (the 'world/web' one) to bring up megalauncher, which has at the top of its display a row of 3 small boxes.

    you can choose what to display in each box from among battery percent remaining, memory used or available, time, day, date, or frequency.

    when you open the cover, it still automatically opens with the phone screen, which as i said, is not changed at all. i like it. you can see screen shots and stuff at its also skin-able
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    I have been a happy Handscape Customer for over a year. While it doesn't have a signal strength indicator on the "Home" page, it does have a battery strength indicator, has a great GUI, and is very customizeable. You can check it out at:


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    I prefer "Facer". While they make no claims to support Treo's, I found that it works just fine on my 300. BTW, their web site claims that the next release (due out shortly) will officially support the Treo!

    Download link:

    Company web site:
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    Will any of these launchers support the jog dial and allow me to launch programs without opening the lid.

    Before anyone suggests it, I've tried PowerJog. It works, well for some things, but holding the button down to get the menu it beyond my tolerance level.

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    OK let me reiterate my question, since not a single poster seems to understand it

    Does a launcher exist that has the signal strength indicator on the top of its screen, like the built in launcher?

    I am not asking anything about the Phone application. I know about MegaLauncher. I use it. It doesn't have this feature. I am asking for a launcher that does; I am not asking for launcher recommendations that don't. Thanks

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