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    Sorry to ask for this, but I am new to 270, and I have seen in the "Preferences" a function called Shortcut (well I translated it because my 270 is a french one and the function is called "Raccourcis" which mean "Shortcuts").

    How do I activate it in another application. I have readed my manual, but I do not have found any topic on that.

    I mean for example in the Shorcut function a "me" is set for "meeting". In a note I type "me", but after that, what did I need to do to have "me" replaced by "meeting".

    Thanks in advance and regards
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    The shortcuts will work in any application that uses text. You can edit them and add your own or delete the ones you don't like or use.
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    Thanks for your reply, but I am sorry, I do not know how to call them once I am in my text application.

    What is the keyboard sequence ?

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    Good news and bad news!

    If you are using Newpen or Jot you just do an up stroke followed by the shortcut.

    If you are using only the keyboard you type "s" (without the quotes) then the ListType button (the zero button) several times until you reach the bottom of the list to the "lambda" sign (looks like a cursive L, and then the shortcut sequence, say br for breakfast.

    So much for a shortcut!!!
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    OK, understood. It works.

    But effectively what a shortcut :-(

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    After the s and the ListType button you can use the "rocker" switch (on the side of the Treo) scroll up once (this should take you to the lambda.

    Click in to select (the lambda) and then type in the shortcut.

    This is shorter and faster.

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    OK, thanks.

    But actually I am in big trouble with my machine. I have just installed the GPRS patch, and when re-synching, HotSync has re-copied the "upd352H1_5.prc" located in the "Update" folder. Then a fatal error is present and all the possible reset does not work. I am waiting that the battery is completly empty in order to be able to re-start.

    I have contacted Handspring and report the problem. But if the "upd352H1_5.prc" is what has caused this problem, I can't understand how they do not have think about that. For me the GPRS patch is a more recent version and then re-installing 3.52 creates big troubles.

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    Did you try a hard reset?

    You do this by holding the power button down, hit the reset switch in the back while continuing to hold down the power switch until a dialog appears on your screen asking you if you want to erase all data.

    It is faster than waiting for the battery to drain.
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    Yes, It is the 50 time I tried.

    With the "up"+reset and the "power"+reset, but without any success.

    Handspring guves me no other solution that waiting the battery is empty.

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    Exactly the same thing happened to me when I upgraded to 1.1. I had to get an exchange from the local Handspring agent!! I was told it was impossible to repair...
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    Thanks for your feedback.

    I am still waiting that battery drain. Then if it not works, I will exchange it.

    But what a deception.


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