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    Hey All,

    I seem to recall others complaining in the past that their cover felt loose when in the open position. Mine does too, it is fine in when it's closed, but when it's open it wiggles a little too much. Anyone tried having them replaced?

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    I had one replaced for this reason a week after I purchased it. The replacement also began to "wobble" in the open position. I called both Sprint and Handspring and they said it should not happen. I have since received my third phone.
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    My cover has been loose ever since I purchased the 2nd Treo 300 back at the beginning of September 2002. The first one wobbled so much that I returned it to Sprint. I bought the second one directly from Handspring and it wobbled also. Can the cover be tightened if I send it to Sprint for service? My 30-day return period is up with Handspring, so what are my options?

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