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    Have you all seen this on Howard Forums? Rumor has it that there are new Sprint plans coming October 18 which include unlimited Vision for $10 a month. If this turns out to be true, this will be awesome.

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    WOW! If, if it's true.... that's awesome!!
    As everybody says, this is way to good to be true though.

    I hope one day I'll be able to remove KBTracker from my treo300...
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    If you follow the long discussion at the "experts" tend to say that this plan (if true) is NOT for PDA users, and only for the WAP phones...

    Nothing like pages of speculation (I'm guilty too) and flames when everyone should just sit tight and wait to see if it is true.

    FYI, the word on the other boards is that it is launching on the 19th, not the 18th.
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    Yeah, no freakin' way, dude. Do you think Sprint would spend millions of dollars to upgrade its network nationwide, advertise the heck out of it, and then turn around and offer all-you-can-eat data for just $10 a month? That would be a really, really, really, really bad business decision.

    But we still can dream ...
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    $10 AYCE data for the phones might make sense: The whole "Vision" thing is "you must pay to use our proprietary crap". No sharing ringers and games, etc. on-line; you can only download them from Sprint.

    So if people don't have to worry about the bandwidth, maybe they'll spend more downloading Sprint's crap.

    (And this would be the reason the $10 wouldn't apply to Treos: we can install all kinds of third-party apps and files on our Treos.)
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    The network is in place, the capital has been spent. Time to get some use out of it. Think of it this way, one more sprint pcs customer equals one less t-mobile, etc. customer.

    Additionally, the total revenue may be greater with more customers signed up even though the average revenue/customer may be less. (Hmm.)

    Hopefully the Treo 300 will be on the new pricing plan - and I'll go out and get one.
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    Radio Shack in Burlington, MA told me it was true today when I bought my Treo 300 and said that since the Treo was a phone it was covered under the $10/unlim. so now I just have to wait till the weekend to activate it!
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    So Miles, you're trusting a Radio Shack guy ... I don't know, sounds too good to be true.
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    The local Sprint PCS store manager confirmed that there will be some form of AYCE data plan, but he did not (yet) have specifics. He did say that it would be open to both new and existing customers. He told me to call back Friday morning to see what the new plans are.
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    Check this out: It lists the new plans. It was posted on and re-posted on Howard Forums. These plans seem real.
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    I got the same info yesterday from someone at Sprint (okay it was cs). He had just been trained on the new plans....I am getting the 2000 AT, free unlimited vision, free add-a-phone for $85. It is a helluva deal!
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    The only reason that Sprint would introduce something like this is that they couldn't figure out how to track data usage. I've signed up for a 2500 anytime / 40MB plan for $149/mo. IF they introduce an unlimited plan, they have no reason to charge less than something like $99.00/mo for it. In fact, they have a plan like this for business accounts. Even so, it is only for the laptop cards and not the phones.

    The next idea is that Sprint wants to move it's entire customer base to it's 3G service. To do so, they would have to make it cost no more than the 2G service. This would be a long-range business decision, and, if you've ever worked in telecom, you know this is just not their style.

    Having said all this, I will be calling on the 18th (19th) to see if they are offering some kind of unlimited data plan !!!
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    The strange part of trying to get to the bottom of this is that at the same time that I was being told about the new plans by cs, I was also being told that data tracking would be possible on the 18th. It could be that I misinterpreted and what was really meant was that you would not need data tracking as of the 18th because Vision data plans would include unlimited usage. I think that the new CEO realizes that Sprint needs to price aggressively to gain marketshare and these new plans are the first step. The sources that are presenting these new plans accurately posted the present Vision plans a couple of weels prior to Aug 11 so I think the source is reliable. We'll know for sure tomorrow morning.
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    just an observation from a low-end treo 300 user.. the LAST thing i'm gonna do is try to get through to sprint tomorrow morning to see what the new plans are. sounds like they are gonna get an avalanche!!

    i still have a month and a half left on my 3 month trial, so i can wait until the commotion settles down, but it does sound like a great deal... maybe the early birds can get some long term (more than a year is long term in this stuff!) guarantees so that if (when?) unlimited goes away or the price goes back up, we can keep it a while longer...
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    I wouldn't call either tomorrow simply because 50% of the people answering the phone will give wrong/confused answers... usually you can make plan changes online. I've done it before, and it is fairly painless.
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    Sprint is changing its plans...unlimited data.....and some other goodies....not a bad thing i think.
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    Let's hope these plans are for real... unlimited data would make dealing with poor customer service and marginal connections worth it, IMO. Plus when you add another phone for free, SprintPCS suddenly becomes significantly cheaper than the competition.
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    I just swung by a SprintPCS store after lunch, and got a photocopy of their new plans. Here is an example plan on the flyer that I have:

    2000 Anytime minutes
    N&W Minutes - add $10/month
    Long Distance - included
    PCS-PCS - Unlimited

    It didn't mention anything about vision at all, so I assumed that meant unlimited vision. To make sure, I called customer service, and the guy told me that I can switch to the new plans starting tomorrow, and that it includes unlimited vision.
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    Vision is included free in this plan
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    Traditional ISPs used to charge by connect time, now they're unlimited. Seems like a good way for sprint to leapfrog the competition.

    I was getting worried about the $409/MB after using up my included data.

    Now we need apache for Palm so I can run a website from my phone. (I'll post a product announcement on April 1).
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