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    When I called Sprint's customer service via *2, I was connected to someone in 10 seconds (after hitting 0 multiple times while stuck w/ Clair, their automated help).

    Sprint is really starting to shape up!
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    Just finished switching my plan. Got a CS Rep in less than 10 seconds and there was no problem in changing my plan to one of the new holiday plans. All you can eat data for $10 on low end plans and free on plans of $85 or more........ WOW!!!, This is wonderful.
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    The c/s rep I just spoke to has no data for the new plans nor the codes to activate them... How'd you get yours switched?!
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    I stopped at my local Sprint Store on the way home from work tonight and the manager was nice enough to photocopy for me the holiday plans page from his training and support manual. It is supposed to be Sprint proprietary information for internal use only. I told the manager that I was going to call Sprint and change my plan tomorrow but he said they had started early and were changing plans tonight.
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    Just got off of the phone with Sprint Customer Care Business Services... They Just changed me over to the 500min Anytime unlimited Night and Weekend and unlimited Data. 44.99 + 10.00 for Unlimited Data (once my three months free is up)... SWEET!!!!!

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    I was one of the skeptics, but it's true...

    Just switched my plan from the $89.99 2000 a/t to the following:

    $85/mo 2000 Anytime minutes
    Unlimited N/W for $10
    Unlimited PCS to PCS - Free
    Unlimited Vision - Free


    BTW, did it over the phone with Sprint CS
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    So, you guys are getting unlimted data for $10 even though the Treo is technically a PDA! There were some posts to the effect that they though PDAs would be excluded and lumped in with data cards. Cool.
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    Do you have to commit to a 2 year plan? when are these new plans going to show up on the sprint pcs website?

    Does anyone know what the best deal is for someone who has two phones (w/2 diff phone numbers) on their plan (i.e., add-a-phone)?
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    I just did the switch. Rocks. $95, unlimited nights & weekends, vision, and pcs, plus 2000 anytime.
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    Me too...I got the $85 plan, but I left off the extra $10 for unlimited nights and weekends...the guy said I could add that later if I decided I needed it. I started to worry that maybe the vision connection counts against minutes, but he assured me that no, it does not. Please enlighten me if I did anything stoopid!!!
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    I just use the phone constantly, and don't want to worry about going over. And my company reimburses up to $100 a month.
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    Ohh...okay. Well, I may start using it more now that I am not so worried about going over my 500 anytime minutes!!! Still, I can't imagine using it for more than 2000 minutes a month, but ya never know. A lot of my minutes are talking to my hubby, and w/the unlimited PCS to PCS....wheeee!!!
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    Here's the skinny on "unlimited Vision" and why the Treo just barely makes it may be a PDA and a phone, but thankfully it's not a PDA attached to a phone!

    "Unlimited PCS Vision. Sprint may deny or terminate service without notice where use is in connection with server devices or host computer applications, other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, or as substitutes for private lines or frame relay connections. Unlimited PCS Vision offer for PCS Free & Clear Plans with Vision is: (a) only available with a Vision capable PCS Phone or PCS smart phone device; and (b) not available with Connection Cards, Aircards, or any other device used in connection with a computer or PDA - including phones, smart phones or other devices used with connection kits or similar phone-to-computer/PDA accessories. Sprint reserves the right to deny or to terminate service without notice for misuse. "
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    $85 - two lines, shared 2000 minutes, unlimited vision, unlimited pcs-pcs, voice command, and free wireless web on my second (old) phone (that last bit was a pleasant surprise!)

    Since there always seems to be something to complain about with goes:

    Great, now everyone will be using vision all the time and slowing things down!

    (There, I did it, I complained about the nicest thing Sprint has done with Vision...)
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    I did the switch this morning.


    2000 AT
    unlimited vision
    unlimited PCS to PCS

    What a deal. I had the 2000AT/20Mb for $129.99. Granted, it was $50 less during the free period but that was coming to an end anyway. I also noticed that Claire has changed. She did not identify herself as Claire. She launched straight into a series of numbered choices and I had a human on the phone within 10 seconds. We'll see what happens if you call at 8pm instead of 8am but it appears that the new CEO at Sprint is taking things seriously and the new plans could generate a lot of new subscribers.
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    Just switched plans this morning from $89.99/mo. for 2000 AT and 2MB to $85.00/mo for 2000 AT, unlimited PCS to PCS, unlimited Vision and $10.00/mo for unlimited N&W.

    I had a rep on the line within 5 seconds of dialling Customer Service and absolutely no problem with switching. I would say that until the reps. have more experience with the plans, it helps to know which plan you want so you can guide the rep.

    I must say I'm encouraged with the new plans and what appears to be greater customer service responsiveness. I hope if this is the doing of Len Laur the new CEO that he keeps it up.
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    I just switched over, too. Like enagel said, make sure you know what plan you want, because the reps are clueless about the new plans (at least mine was). I basically had to explain to her the new options.
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    That's really all I can say...they must not have figured out a way to track data...but why are they practically giving it away?? 10 bucks for unlimited? That's ridiculous...I could see maybe a 10 MB for $10 plan, and unlimited for $20 or $

    And to not exclude Treo users, who are obviously going to be using it much more heavily than anyone

    This doesn't seem to make any business sense whatsover...but hey, thats not your problem. ENJOY IT!

    All I know is that if T-Mobile can't come up with a similar plan by the time the GPRS update is officially released...there are gonna be a decent number of 270's for sale on eBay, possibly including mine...
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