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    I'm thinking of getting a 300 (the other option is the unlimited use of the i705) but I don't like being tethered down my minutes or MB or whatever. My question is, how much on avg to you use through the vision service for internet and email? Do you go over your plan (2MB or 8MB or something). Or does this hinder your using it for fear of going over?
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    I loaded the KBTracker from PDAapps on Saturday (10/12). Since then I've used almost a meg (941.42 KB). I don't surf much, but I'm a heavy e-mail user and I also use VNC for remote control quite a bit. I'm on the 40MB plan (40000KB/2500 voice @$149) and I think I can work with that. Anything less would result in a disasterous bill from Sprint.

    They've even released a new version of the BusinessConnection software which attempts to limit the amount of data you use. Everyone's signed up for the 2MB plans becasue they're cheap. If they're not careful, they're gonna owe Sprint tons of cash.

    If you think you're going to get this service for cheap, you're dead wrong. Sprint is extremely good at charging their customers. Also, overage on the voice side is at an unbelievable $0.40 per minute !!! If you get this service, make sure you never go over your plan limits.

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