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    was in staples and saw the new palm zire and i noticed they had a very slim ruberized case that looked very slimline and not bulky it was about the size of the treo so i decided to try it .it is a real cool case in a blueish color, treo fits perfect in it is real slim and gives real good protection. it has a belt loop similar to the action pack case from handspring you have to slide it on your belt .

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    i saw the case on the palm website, and thought it would fit my treo 90. well, how about it?
    do you have a treo phone (180, 270, 300) or do you have a 90? the 90 is smaller then the phones.
    I love my Treo 90.
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    just for those that dont know what we mean...
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    I love my Treo 90.
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    i am using the case with the 270 fits real snug will fit the 90 with no problems

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