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    I'm probably missing the obvious, but I cannot find a "shortcut" symbol key that will allow me to run my shortcuts using my Treo 300 keyboard. Is there any way to do this? I note that "Shortcuts" are still on the preferences list. Thanks,

    Nick Miller
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    From the keyboard it is a weird thing. Type s then the key with the 0 on it but not shift. Press it three times till you get to the bottom symbol hit enter then type the shortcut
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    Whoa -- can you believe that??? Surely *somebody* at Handspring uses shortcuts. Yikes. How can he (or she) *sleep* at nights knowing that users have to go through that gyration! Yikes. :-)
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    I said the same thing. there needs to be a shortcut button.
    but depending on what your after there are apps and hacks to get around it. for the date and words you can use pop. with two taps it pops up a mene you can choose the date and words. one app called text plus that as you type pops up a list of words and phrases. it's cool in that the more you use a word/phrase the more chance it wil lbe at the point o nthe list you can jsut push enter and get it. it really speeds up text input.
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    You might also want to check out 'CorrectHack' - I've used it for a long time with previous Palms, and now with the keyboard on the Treo, I'm finding it especially useful.

    Here's how it works - you have to have a hack manager, like HackMaster or X-Master, and then also download individual hacks, which are small programs that change the functionality of the Palm OS (all of which can be downloaded via a search at PalmGear or the like). CorrectHack allows you to pre-define text replacements - for example, I use my company name a lot in e-mails, so I have two letters that I type, and that gets auto-replaced by the full name. I'm finding with the keyboard that this is handy for accented characters - for example, I have it set to replace the 'f' when entered with the '-' key - don't have to press the shift command. And many others like that. I replace a lower case 'i' with upper case. No having to press the Caps key.
    Search on CorrectHack, and it might do what you want - the only issue compared the shortcut command is that it won't automatically insert time and date, but maybe you can define a character that when entered, like 'd' or something, will get autoreplaced by the actual shortcut command thing.
    Good luck!
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    the date/time is the hard one. pop does it but you need to use the stylus.
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    I'm surprised. I have the free Jot Graffiti program for my 300.

    I did a graffitti drawing of the shortcut key and then entered a letter on the keyboard or tried drawing the letter in graffitti. It did not recognize and insert the shortcut.

    I'm surprised. Either Jot operates on some superficial conversion level or the Preferences don't support the shortcut functionality from graffitti.

    How did we lose functionality :shortcut:
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    CorrectHack is the right solution. Too bad the developer asks $12 for such a tiny, simple app. It doesn't even let you edit your entries. I wonder why there're so many free Palm apps out there with questionable utility, but nobody else wrote something like CorrectHack.
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    I got the free Graffiti upgrade for my treo300 via the Handspring site. Even if you rarly use it (I use the heck out of mine and it even shows what I am writing), you can make the "shortcut" symbol on the screen and then use the thumbboard to enter the "TS" or "DTS" or what have you.

    Just thinking outloud, Matt Burkhard :shortcut:
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    I use a program called WORDCOMPLETE to finish typing in alot of commonly used words. It also lets me add in my own words.
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    I think CIC is haveing a specail on Jot w/ word complete for (Jot Complete) for$29.99 ($63 if you buy seperate)

    Just a FYI, Matt Burkhard
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    $29.99 for an auto-complete program?!?! Give me a break!
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    $29.99 is for JOT COMPLETE , it's two programs in one (see link). Word Complete is $24, which may be a tad high. Perhaps that's why CIC offers Jot Complete (Jot w/ Word Complete) I would guess?

    BTW, I just cheched, Reco Echo is the free one that Handspring offers for the Treo on the HS site.
    3/26/03 9:33 pm
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    I too use CorrectHack. It's not polished, but does a good job. I also loaded the free RecoEcho from the HS web site. The problems you're having using this or JOT to make the shortcut character and then using the keyboard is weird, but goes like this: If you make the shortcut character with the stylus, you need to also make the rest of the shortcut with the stylus. Same for the keyboard. For some reason, you can not mix and match. I suspect that this is because they've taken a grafitti-centric OS and stuck the keyboard on the side like a band-aid.
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    I just tried drawing the shortcut symbol itself on the NUMBER side of the screen, preceded by a tap on the screen, then followed by the shortcut abbreviation and IT WORKED

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    Duhhh! Can't believe we didn't try the numeric side. You Da Man !!!. FYI- I didn't pay for wordcomplete I got it free somewhere or maybe they r now charging for it, but I agree that price is a little steep.
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    Mine works on both the Alpha and the Numeric side. I tend to use the Alpha side for obvoius reasons. However, I can't draw the :shortcut: and then use the thumb board to add the TS or DTS (for example) like I thought. Perhaps I have a newer version of the Reco Echo?
    My 2-cents worth, Matt Burkhard

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