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    I installed Ringo for the Treo 300 today and have been generally pleased. However, after adding new ringtones to my personal ringtone list, not all of them are viewable when I attempt to assign a unique ringtone to a speed dial button. Is there a way to delete some of the ringtones that came "standard" with the Treo 300 to "make room" for more Personal Ringtones when editing speed dial buttons? If so, how?


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    I also have that problem of not all the tunes showing up for speed dial. Hmph.
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    Thorw me in that boat as well. It would be great if you could set the ringers from ringo like it says without getting the message you need to that some place else.
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    I'm no expert in re: to Ringo, but I think that the way Ringo works has changed slightly since the 3.x beta was put out.

    Personal Ringtones seems to be a local copy of your persnal collection of ring tones. They are not necessarily copied to the CDMA tone device on Treo 300s right away. Once you get the Ring tones you want, you need to use the menu item "Tones->Synchronize Ringtones" to get them copied to the chip.

    Same goes for removing old ones. There is now a "Clear Radio Ringtones." Use that to set your CDMA chip ring tones back to the factory default.

    I had experienced similar problems when recently I added some new Polyphonic tones in Ringo. They showed up just fine in my Personal Ringtones, but were not available in the speed dial app until after I found the "Sync" menu item in Ringo.

    Hope that helps (given the lack of documentation for Ringo so far).

    --- Bry
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    I synced mine, and only got two of the 6 ringtones I added to Ringo. Hrmh.
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    I will try it now. If it doesnt work, there is always a hard reset...

    I'll let ya'all know how it goes.
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