I'm experiencing the following and was wondering if anyone else out there is seeing this:

I have a Treo 300 and I am using it with the latest version of Palm Desktop 4.x for Mac OS 10 (which is 10.2.1 right now).

When I come home from work (in which I can hotsync fine with a W2K system and Outlook) and hotsync it with my home system, Hotsync Manager tries to reinstall all the files in my backup folder, almost like I had hard reset the Treo. I have to remember to empty the backup folder before hotsyncing. Once this sync is done, I can hotsync again without error... only happens on the first hotsync when I get home.

I've checked the backup conduit setting before starting my sync, and it is set to backup, and it has a successful sync timestamp.

Any ideas?