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    I noticed this weekend sine I installed card backup that my backup dir that was cerated with the handspring software has not been refilled after I cleaned it out of junk. It would be nice to have the backup on the card and the hard drive. any ideas?
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    I'm not quite sure if I'm following you here, since I'm a "duh" on the "card backup" doohickey you referenced, but FWIW--

    Did you look to see if the card is still being backed up to the harddrive, but under a different directory name? Otherwise...

    The easiest 2-in-one solution = BackUp Buddy for Windows, but it'll cost ya. A bit shy of $30 if memory serves. You can optionally do one or the other or both (i.e., backup card, harddrive, both), via an easy checklist provided with the desktop component. Once installed, it's a no-think deal that provides TREMENDOUS peace of mind... super-protection!

    Or, assuming you have a card reader, which yields the card as a lettered hard drive, you could just drag and drop, copying all from the card to whichever harddrive directory desired. The freebie BackUpBuddyVFS would take care of backing up device contents to the card itself.

    School of hard knocks tip (read: I like to experiment with freeware, etc.): drop the dough for the full BackUp Buddy program. Makes life tons easier if you run into a really nasty fatal reset which can only be cured by a hard reset. A couple of taps, and you're back in business.
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    if you look on your your computer at the directory that handspring stuff is installed. you see one caleld backupusualy all of the files on your treo are copied there. I have been trying so many new thigns I find it best to delete all the files in there as the hotsync will replace them with only the ones on the treo.
    for a bit there none were replaced but they are all now there.
    I just could not afford backup buddy but I found another for 8.00 works real well nice and simple.
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    Fabulous! I'm genuinely happy for you. You may want to list the name of that program though, so other folks will be aware of it as a viable alternative.

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    I feel silly somehow I had the wrong backup directory on my desktop thats why it was empty (G)
    I found card backup on the palmgear site. ti is 8.00 has scheduled backups and full or part resore. it has shceduled backups too.

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