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    I went thru some of the previous threads, but this is getting confusing!! Enuff chat about polymorphic mumbo-jumbo.... I need this question answered in simple words:


    If anyone has gotten ringtones to work for their Treo 300? If so, how and which software/hacks? Please inform the newbies on this site.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I will be writing a quick guide on getting ringtones to work on the treo 300 very shortly, hopefully it is done by tomorrow morning.
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    Thank you very much - atleast now I have some hope....
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    Before I write a full guide here's a quick and dirty method of getting midi tones to work on your treo.

    1: Download ringo:

    2: Download palm midi desktop:

    3: Install ringo

    4: search the net for a small midi file

    5: Download my simple bat file for running palm midi desktop:

    Or just make your own bat file and include the following line:
    jview -cp:a PalmMidiDesktop.jar PalmMidiDesktop

    Just make sure that your bat file or mine is in the directory where you unzipped palm midi desktop to.

    6: Open the folder where you unziped ringo to and look for the file named

    7: Copy to the folder where you unziped palm midi desktop to

    8: Run the bat file to start palm midi desktop

    9: Open the file in palm midi desktop

    10: Click file then import and choose the midi file

    11: Click file then save, then exit the program.

    12: double click on the pdb file to install it.

    13: sync your treo 300 up with your computer to install the pdb

    14: open ringo on your treo

    15: Click on the very top right menu in rigo where it says personal ring tones

    16: choose

    17: locate your midi file in the list and choose copy

    18: exit ringo and go into your main treo home and select prefs

    19: choose ring tone

    20: select your midi file out of the list of tones

    If anyone see any errors please correct me as I am going off my memory. This is only a quick and dirty guide until I make a full guide.

    I hope this helps,
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    Has anyone tried this yet????
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    Nice job bulletfast! I followed your procedures step-by-step and all worked well.


    On the final step -- where you goto "system prefs", select "ringer" from the prefs list, and then actually select the newly installed ringtone you MUST select another app for the change to take affect (like hit the calendar button or phone button). Otherwise the prefs will appear to show what you selected, but the phone will actually default to whatever ringtone you had previously selected.

    Don't just select your new ringtone and then close the clamshell -- the newly selected ringer won't take affect.

    Otherwise i am super-pleased with bulletfast's procedure!


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    Can someone post a known polymorphic ringtone? (freeware - not something that has to be paid for - I don't support that) so i can be sure this procedure works with poymorphic ringtones.

    I honestly don't know what a polymorphic ringtone sounds like next to a non-polymorphic ringtone...

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    first off, polyphonic, not polymorphic. seems to be a lot of confusion on the boards as to the correct term.

    poly = many
    morph = shape
    phonic = sound

    we want ringers with many sounds at the same time, not shapes

    the difference between a monophonic and polyhonic tone is like playing a piano with only one finger vs playing a piano with multiple fingers (one finger per key only, please).

    so, if the tone can produce 2 or more pitches simultaneously, it's polyphonic.

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    Ah - thanks shart for the headsup! Much appreciated!

    Where can one find and download polyPHONIC ( ) ringtones for use on a Treo300?

    I see many sites with tons of ringtones, but none of them state that they are polyphonic...


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    you can get a demo of polyphonic ringtones at the demo only gives you a couple of ringtones but you will get the idea.

    you will also need the demo of ringo v3 to install them. that's at

    personally, once i tried it, i went for the big bucks ($9.95) and bought the set. my phone now rings with the 'get smart' theme song for known callers and the alfred hitchcock mystery theme for unknown callers. lots more are also included.
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    These are full length midi songs here and I guess they are polyphonic because they have multiple tracks and multiple instruments playing at the same time. If I were you though I would get some kind of midi editor to cut down the length of the song. If you can't find an editor I cut one of them down to 30 seconds and I can email to you if I have to. If you try to put the full length song on as a ring tone it will make your treo hang and reboot. To get the full (like 254k) song to work I just had to set it as my ringer over and over and over again (took like 5-10 mins) until it finally didn't freeze the treo. But once I cut it down it went right in as my ring tone w/o any problems.

    Below is the link for some midi songs:
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    I know it has been awhile since my last post on this subject but I have not had the time to write up the full guide on ring tones so I hope my short step by step guide has been sufficient.

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    this is so confusing. Where can I get free easy to install ringers that sound like ringers not symphonies?
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    you can get them right here from but you have to purchase them
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    but thoes do not work with the 300 do they?
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    Well it seems like a lot of people have viewed this thread now, anyone else having any luck getting the tones to work on their treo using my quick guide?
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    Just used your guide to make about 8 of my own ringtones from some songs i like. I can't exactly tell, but I think they are all polyphonic. If anyone wants the database with them in it, I will give it to them for free. I just cut down full length songs into appropriate sized ringtones. Works great! Thanks for the guide.
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    I've successfully used your quick guide to add ringtones to the db and put them on my Treo 270. It was only then when I found out that the polyphonic tones do play on a 270 but they come out as garbage, due to the difference in the speaker compared to the 300. There is a thread somewhere else in the forum that explains this in detail.

    Also, I noticed that the 270 doesn't play at all MIDIs that are in format 1. They have to be in format 0, but as I said these sound crap. I've used the trial version of GNMIDI ( to successfully convert format 1 MIDIs to format 0.
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    I was using a program called anvil studio to edit them and take out extra/unused tracks, etc. It did the job, though it was a little cumbersome. Its super easy to make your own ringtones from the huge amount of midi songs people have put out on the web for free.
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    Dan, I would like to try your procedure, but I have a couple of questions first. Does your ringtone list just keep getting bigger and bigger? Is there a limit to the number of ringtones? Can you export the existing tones that you like and then add other tones and make a list that is all good?


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