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    I would like to modify the factory plastic screen cover to expose the keys of the thumbboard that way I dont have to keep lifting it up everytime I want to use it, but still protect the screen. Is there anyway I can do this without cracking the plastic and making it look nice?
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    Just use an exacto saw. it has really fien teeth and you should be able to saw off the extra. then use a fine file to finish shaping it then sand it up to about 600 or 800 grit.
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    I just might do that and if I mess it up I guess I can buy a replacement screen from handspring.
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    What does everyone think about the cover? At first, I really liked it. However, I have found it to be a pain to have to open it every time I want snooze or ok an alarm, or type.

    Has anyone tried removing the cover? Or found other ways to get around the inconvenience?
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    the cover is made to be able to remove. but when I took it off you have to make sure the unit is locked or the screen gets pushed a lot.

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