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    Now ticked, but as per others, doesn't connect, but this isn't a major problem, because as soon as you click on "Blazer", or one touch, the 270 displays " connecting to GPRS" and connects anyway, without having to go into prefs/networks, etc, etc..

    p.s. Has anyone managed to get yahoo IMf or pda's to work ? It retrieves my " friends " list, but loses the connection almost immediately, everytime.
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    Reason is that yahoo IM for Palm platform is not supported anymore by Yahoo
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    Yahoo has a wap-ish app that works fine in Blazer on the Treo. Just browse to

    It is a thin messenger app, and if you have GPRS, it doesn't use much data. Much nicer than the old Palm Yahoo messenger that used to hang up my Vx.

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