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    Has anyone figures out to get into and use AOL from the Treo 300?

    I was told to get Xino for a Browser, and that it would be able to use Java, and I still can't get to my AOL E-mail there.

    Please help.
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    Thanks for the web site.
    What exactly do I do?

    I have an AOL program this is installed on the 300.
    It charges me .10 a minute for a wireless connection.

    Sprints tech support is no help, and they arn't even trained on this. Do you know exactly what browser I need to get into AOL?

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    Make sure you use the latest version from the link below, version 3. Unfortunately it's no longer free but works very well and allows you to use any other ISP connection to log into AOL, that way you are not using aol dial up numbers and being charged the .10 cents from your carrier as a separate data call.

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    What is the best browser to use with the 300?

    I just bought, and downloaded this 3.0 version.

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    Probably Blazer but that is subjective to your preferences.
    There are a few others out there that some prefer Xiino being one of them:

    Experiment and see which you prefer.
    You don't need one of these browsers for AOL though, just so you know. The AOL software is self contained, just make sure that when you set it up you choose "another ISP" for your connection.


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