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    If anyone has come across a stylus that has a pen, a reset tool, and fits inside the Treo, please let me know! I have a Chameleon stylus for my old Palm VII that has this and it's great.

    Thanks, Joe
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    I'm in the same boat. Having used a Chameleon multi-stylus for my PPPro, VII and VIIx, I'd now like one for my 180g.

    I wrote to Pilot Pen (maker of the Chameleon) a couple of months ago, but they refuse to comment on anything but current products.

    Has anyone heard of any multi-styli becoming available for Treo?

  3. #3 has recently introduced just such a 3-in-1 replacement stylus for Treos...

    (I haven't had first-hand experience with this stylus, but it's intriguing)
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    Thanks, LizB!

    I'm SO glad to learn they've been produced. At a sale price of $10.99US (regularly $14.99US) I ordered two of them immediately! This is a great price compared to the Chameleon at $19.00US. Sure this stylus does not include the spring loaded stylus tip the Chameleon sports, but it'll be quite sufficient. It's the built in pen I find I use frequently.

    Thanks again! :-D

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    I ordered two myself. THANKS LIZ!!!
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    Let us know how well they work...I'm waiting with baited breath!

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