I'm a new Treo 300 owner, and had some success with an earpiece solution and in finding the supposedly scarce Handspring holster, so I thought I would pass it on!

The earpiece that comes with the 300 is OK, but I don't like having to either a) wear it constantly or b) have nowhere to put it. So I wanted a retractable. Thanks to folks on the forums, I learned that certain models that work with certain Nokia models work fine. I took a chance on a Belkin Gold Series Retractable Earpiece - $35.00 at Staples. Works like a champ, and the button on the earpiece works as the Handspring's does - answers and hangs up calls. My only gripe - the cable connecting the Treo to the earpiece's main piece is too short - you can't easily use the Treo in your hands while plugged in - but it's a minor inconvenience. I will be looking for a short extension cord next.


Additionally, both CompUSA and Staples both had the Handspring Belt Holster in stock, although CompUSA was inexplicably more expensive than Staples and Handspring.com's prices at $29.99 vs. $24.99. Until today, Handspring.com was out of stock on it, and CompUSA's site not only indicated no stock, but also said it was not available in the stores.... Weird. Anyways, I like the holster, which successfully rides the fine line between too tough to get the unit in/out and too loose to be trusted.

- Joe