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    Hey, hopefully someone here can provide some insight on this. I badly, badly, BADLY want a Handspring Treo, but I'm sort of torn, for one big reason. I live in the U.S. right now (Texas), but there's a reasonable chance that I'll be moving back to Canada within the next year or so. If I buy a treo 270 and activate it on either the VoiceStream or the T-Mobile GSM network, and then decide I have to move back to Canada, would it be possible to re-activate this same phone on the Rogers AT&T GSM network in Canada?

    Thanks for all your help in advance

    - Steve
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    This is possible. You would just need to get a Rogers SIM card once you get here, or you could go with Fido.

    Rogers currently sells the 180, and supposedly they are going to start selling the 270. But Rogers locks the phones. The Treo's sold in the US are not locked.

    Hope this helps.

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