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    BizConnect seems to crash my palm occasionally & unpredictably when I hot synch. I disabled the BizConnect portion of HotSynch & have synched a dozen or so times without a crash. How common is this problem and am I losing any real functionality by disabling this?
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    I too have noticed that BizConn will crash my Palm during cradle HotSyncs, from time to time. My klugy workaround is to do a wireless Business Connection sync prior to a cradle sync. I'm sure the issue is due to the inbox not being in whatever state the Palm (or the BizConn servers) think it should be. Do a wireless sync, and see if your crashes stop. Mine have. Not the best solution, but at least I can make it thru HotSyncs now with no crashes.
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    I believe it's with the new version of BC for the Treo. See the other posts about the problems with the new version. I don't think there's any loss of functionality by disabling the hotsync to BC on the Treo. Whenever you want to upgrade, just wait for a stable build (which is not the current version).

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