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    Hi all, for comparison purposes, pls quote your service provider and how much does it cost to download per kb, i'm assuming gprs charges are by how much you down/upload, rite?
    i'm from singapore and i'm on M1 and it costs me about USD 0.024 cts per kb of download.

    Pls post thanx
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    Come on over to Jakarta. It is free (so far, when it works) on IM3.
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    jakarta has gprs?
    which carrier?
    excel, telkomsel or satelindo?
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    IM3, which is the 1800mhz with GPRS service that is run by Indosat. But I just heard they will start charging later in this month.

    Too bad.
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    Here in Poland I am using Plus GSM. The service is excellent, but the prices are very high. Unfortunately they don't have an unlimited usage plan.

    100kb = $0.125 USD
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    Im using Telia (Sweden)

    25 mb/month = 30 USD
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    seems like i'm being overcharged.
    1ct per kb, make sit 10bucks per mb man!!!

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    In the UAE, we pay approx. US$8.00 for 30Kb and approx. $0.003 per additional 1Kb.
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    huh? 8 bucks for 30kb? are you kidding? you must mean 30 mb???
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    Originally posted by bumberbee
    huh? 8 bucks for 30kb? are you kidding? you must mean 30 mb???
    My mistake:
    Just check the Web site of my provider.
    $8 for the first 2Mb and each additional Kb is $0.003

    Double checked. Correct this time!
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    T-Mobile has a bunch of different plans. The best is the dealer demo plan, $19.95 for 20mb. (I am trying to get that through a friend who is a T-Mobile dealer) The available consumer plans are:

    Data Price additional MB
    5mb $19.95 $5
    10mb $39.99 $4
    20mb $59.99 $4

    Yep, pretty expensive. Here in the US, carriers are having a hard time realizing that wireless data needs to be cheap for people to want it. In comparisson, my old Earthlink CDPD wireless account for the Palm Vx is $33/month unlimted and no roaming anywhere in the US there is coverage. Of course the advantage of T-Mobile is that I pop the sim card out of the Treo and into my Merlin PCcard and my laptop or WinCE PDa are wireless!
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    I am on the Optus GSM network in Australia.

    We are charged A$0.033 per kilobyte, or to put it another way, A$33 per megabyte sent OR received!!! Sheesh!!!

    As well, we are charged an A$0.22 connection charge and there is a one hour timeout, so forget any fantasies about "always on connections". Your only option is to pay 22c every time you connect or run a ping or mail check every fifty minutes and pay for the data transfer...

    (For comparison, our dollar is roughly half the value of the US dollar so we are paying approx US$16 per megabyte.)

    And they seriously expect this technology to be widely received down under... I've seen heroin habits which are cheaper!
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    Telstra is the largest telco in Australia.

    Its GPRS pricing is here

    Pricing in Australian dollars obviously

    They have 2 different variations Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly packs.

    Pay-as-you-go is 22c for a session (up to 24hours) and 2.2c per kb transferred which is total of send & receive

    Monthly packs start at $5 for .25MB excess 2c/kb
    to $85 for 10MB excess 0.8c/kb. No session fees.

    I will commence using my new Treo 270 on the Pay-as-you-go and if it is worthwhile swap to a minimum monthly pack.

    Hope that helps

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    Interesting to compare the different rates in different countries.

    Here in Malaysia, I'm on the Maxis (GSM 900) network. Monthly Gprs access fee = approx. US$2.60. Data charges are approx. US$0.01 per KB. which is damn expensive.

    Existing competitor networks in Malaysia for GPRS:

    DIGI (GSM 1800) - No monthly access fee. Approx. US$0.00125 (that's one-eight of a cent) per KB. DIGI is the only telco in Asia to offer Pre-paid Cards auto access to GRPS at the rate of US$0.0025 (a quarter of a cent) per KB.

    TimeCel (GSM 1800) - Monthly Fee of US$1.30. US$0.00125 per KB (same as DIGI). There is however a packaged deal where a monthly fee of approx US$5.20 will get you 10 MB of free data. After the first 10 MB additional use will be charged at US$0.004 per KB. This is excellent value.

    Unfortunately, I've been on Maxis for more than 5 years and I've given my no. to too many people over the years. Too much trouble to change. So I'm giving my telco a chance to lower their rates soon, otherwise I may be forced to defect....

    Interesting to note though that the rates on GSM 1800 networks are lower.... merely coincidence?

    There's another GSM 900 provider (Celcom) in Malaysia that will be launching the GPRS service. Wonder what the rates will be.

    That's it. I've tried both Maxis GPRS (my telco) and DIGI's prepaid GPRS (coz it's cheaper to try out) and both work pretty OK.

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    25/month, including 10MB (ul+dl)
    2.5 per extra MB

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