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    ... last week I had a sending problem relating to our friends at Sprint. Now, I have sort of the opposite problem. I am using dataviz inbox to go and I can't receive incoming to

    Has this happened to anyone else? I can receive using Eudora and I can send using inbox to go, I just can't receive using inbox to go. I'm dying to know that I can receive attachments -- which is the beauty of inbox to go. I can use it to send attachments. I just can't figure out how to set it to receive email (and accompanying attachments).

    In my Check and Send options I got: and I've assigned the password for sprint email; got my sprint username in place

    Anybody else have this same receiving problem with inbox to go????

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    I should note that my error message is: cannot login to you server. Please verify your username and password in Check and Send options.

    ... did that.

    Sends but won't receive. Eudora receives with same settings.
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    I am using IN Box To Go with my company system with no problem . I once in a while for some reason I have to do the check/send twice to get it to download. Have you tried having the Enable Redirecto option check to see what happens
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    I found the fix. If I use my vision password ... all is well. The vision password is different than your email password. Last week after not being able to send email since I got the treo, a poster suggested changing the email password on the vision web site. This I did and was finally able to send email -- using whatever program -- by using that new password on the treo. Now that password no longer works for pop and smtp (and I certainly didn't change my email pw) but my vision password that logs me into the web site DOES work for both pop and smtp !!??!!?? Using the vision pw certainly didn't work last week.

    Good God. What will happen next week? Will I have to get a freaking signal from the Mother Ship to figure this **** out? .... I know, I'll channel my thoughts with Claire ... all this basic info will come down through the ether ... but will mysteriously bypass all customer reps at sprint ... only those channeling Claire will know how to email using the Treo..

    On a separate note: Okay, so you send an attachment to your Treo using inbox to go. Now you've got. How can you a jpg using fireviewer or how can you view a word doc using wordsmith. The attachments seem to sit inside of inbox to go and nowhere else. Can you view attachments received from inbox to go using other programs?

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