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    I'm patiently sitting here waiting for Staples to deliver my Treo 90, but I've got some questions that maybe someone can help me with. I've currently got a handspring visor deluxe that I sync with a MAC. But I'm planning on syncing my new Treo with my work PC. Here are my questions...

    How is the best way to get the visor info to the treo without syncing the treo to the mac? Will beaming work?

    Are there problems with syncing with both a mac and a PC? Does anyone here sync with both machines?

    I'd like to get my treo synced with my Outlook calendar on the PC... will that be hard to do?

    Thanks so much!
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    the easiest way probably is to:

    (1) sync your visor to your pc (to get existing data onto the pc) and then sync the treo to the pc (to get data onto the PDA) or

    (2) sync your treo to the mac (to get data from mac to PDA) and then sync your treo to the pc (to get data to the pc).

    beaming would be way too tedious, i think.

    in my opinion, why use a pc at all?

    good luck!
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    Thank you! I actually got my treo and have it synced with both the mac and the PC.

    Believe me, I wouldn't be using a PC if I wasn't forced to by my work. I tried everything to talk them into giving me a mac laptop instead, but they just gave me the fish eye, and I ended up with this PC. I've been using it for 6 months now, and still can't find things once I've downloaded them.

    But for fun, I always use the Mac.

    I'm very glad that the treo is compatible with both.

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