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    Ok, so I think I understand what it is.. and pdaapps has the preffered app (opinions I read on these forums).

    Now for my questions:

    1- How do I "sign up" for SMS?
    2- I am on Sprint Vision... is this where I go to signup?
    3- How do you send a message to a specific person?
    4- I saw somewhere on the boards that someone had MSN setup to send them SMS news... how do I set that up?

    Could someone just give me a quick "SMS for Dummies" description?

    Lots of questions -- Lots of Thanks!

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    Go to this site. Get treosms set up. Send a message to your phone number. You'll figure it out
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    Did what you suggested -- authenticated successfully and tried twice to send an SMS to my mobile number from the Treo.

    I get a message stating that a new "Short Message" is available, and that it is retrieving the message... but then nothing is displayed.. just a blank screen showing no messages.

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    I'm not sure... something funky about the new version (it's in beta) of treosms... I've had same thing happen once or twice after installing update today. If version .2 is available, use it. However, I'm using newest version and it does work. I did a soft reset, turned on my phone, sent another message and it worked fine after that.

    Only difference between the new & old version is the new version (.3) has a reply option. However, I never once had a problem with the .2 version so I'd use it.
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    Same problem here. I am not able to see any messages sent to myself with either version .2 or version .3.
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    If you read the info @ PDAapps on their SMS software it states that it only works if Sprints server is up and working. If you haven't figured it out by now Sprint sucks. their server is up very sporadically. And customer service is waste of your time. Otherwise the SMS software from PDAapps is fast and efficient.
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    you should send an email to pdapps tech support. The address is on their website. I had similar problems to you. They did some tests and tracked my shortmail messages. Now everything works perfectly. Treo300SMS is now my preferred email app. It is the single most useful new app for my Treo.

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