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    I learned (a bit too late) that Eudora and Treo Mail can't be installed on the same Treo.

    So I've deleted the Eudora e-mail program, the web browser, and the SSL library. I don't get the fatal error anymore when I use Treo Mail. But now I get "sync error (05FF001F)". I can find nothing about this on the Handspring web site. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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    Turns out (this information is from Euroda, not Handspring) that if you install Eurdora first, both programs work fine. Handspring simply says the two programs are incompatible. After deleting both programs and installing Eudora, then Treo Mail, everything is working fine.
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    If you look at the list of known bugs with treomail at treomails web set from Handspring, You will see that this is one of the issues (order in which you install both apps.). No where does it say that they are incompatible.
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    I've installed Eudora first, then Treo Mail. TreoMail works fine, but eudora causes a soft reset everytime I hit a secure site.

    If I delete both, and just install Eudora, it works fine. I would call that incompatible.
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    Sounds to me like it's a problem with the version of the sslplus shared library. It's the only thing the 2 apps have in common.

    My theory is the Treo Mail sslplus version is newer. Hence Eudora can call the newer library and still work. Looks like there are still some problems with Eudora Web though.

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