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    I removed Today. This program has a bug that I just hate. In the preferences I set it to only activate after 12 hours. This setting does not come into effect after 12 hours it does it whenever it wants. I like the addition of skins which makes it seem like wazzup. The program is cool except for that bug. I sent an email to the developer but nothing was done.
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    I wish it supported floating events.. That's my favorite feature of Datebook+.

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    I just want to know if anyone has problems with it...
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    I love Today- one of the coolest and most useful apps available, especially for the price.

    I use the 'always run' option, but the test I did on the 'run if device is not used for 1 hour' choice worked fine on my Clie T615. Are you running any hacks or pop-ups that might be confusing things?
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    I have had mine set to come up after 6 hours and have had no problems with versions 1.4 to the current version 1.7. I am running it on a Plat.
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    I find wassup to be a MUCH better and more stable app. FWIW...
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    Too many problems with hacks. I will never put hacks on my visor again.
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    Originally posted by visorprismman

    I just want to know if anyone has problems with it...
    i do have the same problem as you. i started using it since 1.4 on my VDx. even now, 1.7 on my m130 has the same bug. i used to set the program to three-hour popup, it doesnt show on time, but tends popup around midnight.

    but i still use it and like it.
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