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    I want to backup my address book and memo info from my Treo to my Sony Clie, how can I do this? I cant do a straight sync due to the different configuations/software on the devices. Is there some way I can just copy over the databases?

    I just noticed an address.bak and address.dat file in my Treo desktop sync file. Can I just simply copy these to the sync file for the Clie? Help?
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    Nobody has an answer to this?
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    Well, I move palms all the time, and you really just need to move the backup directory and it will restore on the new device. I suggest backing up the treo dir, uninstalling software, install new clie software and copy back into the backup directory the stuff you want. if you aren't sure of whether its address.idx or something, just keep trying...
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    Thanks very much.

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