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    is there such a thing? pls help thanx
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    I ask 'official' Handspring Helpdesk as well as a friend working for Handspring (a teckie) and none of them heard of a FM radio for Treo.

    One even said that he didn't believe it is possible.
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    'well if nokia phones have em, i'm believe that it's a software enabled issue not a hardware, i could be wrong tho'
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    'don't know...

    I'll keep asking!
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    As crappy as the sound is on the Treo, why would you want it?
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    I'm no electrical engineer, but I would absolutely amazed if it weren't impossible. Just because it's in a Nokia doesn't mean it's software enabled. Afterall, Nokia phones also say "Nokia" on the case and that's not software..
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    I don't really want it, i just wanna know that i can 'have' it haha
    you're right , speakers are too crappy for fm anyway.

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