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    A new application, KBTracker, which allows you to track the data usage of your phone, is available from:


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    Very cool! Have it installed already. I'll give it a run.

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    Well, I don't know if it was a coincidents or not but I installed the software and set it up per the instructions. I turned on the radio and I had a new voicemail waiting so I called voicemail and the treo froze! I could hear the voicemail answer and prompt me for my password but I couldn't do anything. Had to do a soft reset, turned the radio back on and it locked into Cingulars network and then froze again! Did another soft reset.
    I turned the radio on a 3rd time and this time it worked okay so I started GPRS'ing away, visited treocentral, checked for new posts, checked the top news stories, got my email and then checked to see how much data I used and everything was still zeroed out the kbtracker software.
    Am I missing something??

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    What type of device did you try it on? Currently it only works on the Treo 300 -- 180 and 270 support is in the works.
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    same thing happened to me every thing is still 0
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    Installed demo on Treo300 -- used Blazer, SnapperMail, Xiinio (sp?) .. still shows all zero usage.

    Me thinks we need a v1.01

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    Originally posted by PDAapps
    What type of device did you try it on? Currently it only works on the Treo 300 -- 180 and 270 support is in the works.
    I installed it on a 270 right after your post making it available and it said it was for all treos and so does your install text info from the .zip:
    System requirements:

    Any PalmPhone that is always on-data enabled. These include the Handspring
    Treo 180, 180g, 270 (with the GPRS capability) and the Treo 300.

    That has all changed now!


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    Same here on my 300, its not resetting the device, but after lots of data usage still reads zero, and yes I did set the advance part with auto zero etc.

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    Not working for me either. Turned radio on and off then tried again to be sure... Using a Treo 300.
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    Ok, left it alone for the night, returned this morning and its working.
    Thanks to PDApps!!

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    i downloaded program yesterday on my 270 did all the settings was not working everything was 0 this morning when i turned it on retreived my data i looked at my data usage and it was working . could be a very helpful app. thanks pdaapps

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    For those of you who have tried to get it working on a Treo 300, I think you need to go to the network prefs. panel and make sure that "Connect to data network automatically when wireless mode is on" option is set, and if not set then set it and then turn the radio off and on.

    Treo 180/270 users-- do you have a similar option in the prefs panel, if so using that may work?

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    it has registered some data traffic overnight, but it doesn't look like it's dynamic. I went to Blazer and downloaded a page and then came back to it -- no change. I am shocked that I have sent and received around 400k since installing this last night around 10PDT. My data usage must be incredibly high! Of course, there's no way of knowing yet since my first month's bill doesn;t roll over until the 16th...
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    I suspect that you need to reset the Treo to get it to start tracking data - it works on dial-up data too - very cool. It also does not track the bytes of pages loaded from the Blazer cache.
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    Does KB Tracker store data on the treo, or does it store data on a server and then retrieves that data?

    In other words, is recording our usage on it's servers (a suspicious activity if so) or locally on the Treo?

    At first glance -- it seems like several users who posted here are seeing a "lag" in the data usage -- making me think that the usage data is begin collected and stored on a server at, then transmitted to KB Tracker... please assure me that this is not so.

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    That's an interesting question you bring up. Not sure if thats even possible? But I guess anything is possble!
    Last night I installed the software after they advertised that it would work with all treos and I couldn't get it to work. 30 mins. after the install, PDAApps advertised that it was only for the treo 300 and so did treocentrals lead article story changed to reflect that so I deleted the program.
    After reading some posts this morning that a few people now have it working "all of the sudden" on a 270, I reinstalled it and tried it out again and it works???
    I don't know?
    By the way PDAApps has removed the software availability from their web page this morning saying that they have found a flaw with its compatibility w/treo300 and would be back as soon as they resolve it.

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    A new version of KBTracker has appeared on PDA Apps' website. Anyone Treo 300 owner tried this one?

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    I just tried the new version ... when I initiated the monthly "zero reset" feature under the advanced button, I began experiencing problems on my Treo300 (category selection boxes stopped working ... wierd). When I disabled the zero reset feature, everything worked OK again. I've uninstalled the SW and notified PDApps.
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    I just installed v0.11 and it appears to be working properly.

    I have used Calendar/Phone/SnapperMail/Blazer/SilverScreen with no problems occurring.

    fgkay: I am not seeing any noticable issues w/my categories.. can you go into some details so I can try to duplicate the issue?
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    I use Xiino on occasion (because it allows me to download to the Treo directly) and data activity is not being tracked at all by KB Tracker when using Xiino...

    Just to be sure, I went back to Blazer for a short session and then checked KB tracker and it is tracking data usage w/Blazer.

    SnapperMail data usage is also not being tracked.
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