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    Can you folks recommend an E-mail program to use?
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    Go get Eudora mail from It is free and it works well on both CSD and GPRS network connections.
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    the one touch mail that comes with my 270 also does the job well.
    anybody know why eudora is preferred?
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    Try Aileron at It is quite flexible in what you can download AND it permits you to download many attachments.
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    I use Mailer by Electric Pocket. It has all the basic features that I need and it is stable. The one nice feature that I like is that when you assign a button to Mailer and have your phone closed, you can check your mail by pressing the button once more. Plus the interface is real nice.
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    I'm using the snappermail beta and must say it is excellent program. You can see the features at
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    Basejet allows me to sync my mail with Outlook/Exchange through our coporate firewall. See details at

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