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  1.    #1 released polyphonic ringtones Treo 300 users.
    These ringtones are Ringo for Treo 300 compatible!

    Get more info at
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    well, they have listings but when you click on 'download' for the demo it is a file called 'cliesounds' and the readme file says this is for the clie. have you actually tried the demo?

    also when you click 'add to cart' it doesn't seem to make any choice between the 5 collections that are supposedly available.

    i would say that it's 'coming soon' but that there is still a little work to be done. still, progress!
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    According to the Ringo people, these sounds work on the Treo. My ohone just reset when I tried to preview one.
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    yeah, i got the reset also. however, if you click the download button on the page at the link above, the download file is at least named treo300. if you go to the link above and first click on the 'more' button to read more stuff, then download the demo from there, that's where it gives you a clie file.

    i tried the same thing with the clie sounds and got the same result, though the first one made an attempt to play before it reset...
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    interestingly, the 'treo300' file sounds made my unit reset also, but when i go into preferences/tones, there is a listing called 'ringo-temp' and that is the new tone and it does play. i think i will wait for some more knowledgeable folks than me to work on this and post the solution...
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    First, you need to redownload the most recent version of Ringo ( This was posted late last night and fixes a few problems in the initial 3.1e release. Then you need to understand a problem with the way Sprint has forced Handspring to screw up the Treo 300. There are actually two separate ringers in the phone. The phone side (polyphonic) and the alarm side (monophonic). There is a problem with large tune files on the phone side. I have the full version of the Treo 300 sounds from PalmGSM; they all sound great. The problem is that when you try and copy some of them to the phone side (by simply trying to preview the tune with Ringo), it crashes the phone. Iain at electricpocket is working to resolve this, but it remains as the last hurdle for us to cross before we can get ringtones on the Treo 300 working as all of us were led to believe they would.
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    Well, after spending several hours last night, and half of my work morning (hey, it's Friday), I got the Rocky theme to work. I wish I could share with you some great piece of advice that will work, but what I determined is that if you chose a poly ringtone (after saving/copying it to that db, if you just don't touch or push anything for a minute or two, it will take. Don't push "Done", don't push anything. After a minute, then try and tap "Done".

    I know it sounds weird, but I now have Rocky blaring loud and clear, and man, is it KEWL!!

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    see.. i knew some of you smarter types would figure this out for us dummies...
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    thanks for the help, folks. i got the new ringo, and got some of the tones to work. some seem to crash, hit or miss, and some, as noted above, are too large, but at least ringo warns you about that...

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