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    The Blazer cache on my unit is 908k at the present time, how do you clear this cache.
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    Go to the apps launcher. Hit the menu key. Choose App >> delete. Find the file named Blazer Cache. Delete this file.

    Next, set how big your Blazer cache gets. From the Blazer app, hit the menu key. Choose Options >> Blazer preferences. Hit the Advanced tab. The first item is Cache Size (K). Set it to a lower limit.


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    Kevin from Handspring here. Clearning your cache is pretty simple. Iíll post the directions below, and they can also be found at the link Iíve included, along with some other helpful memory-saving tips.

    1. In the Blazer application, access the Menu launcher.

    2. From the Options pulldown menu, select Blazer Preferences.

    3. Tap on the tab that says Advanced.

    4. Set the Cache Size to a lower number. If, later, you find this to be too small, you can come back and re-set the cache size.

    5. Tap on the Clear button to clean out the cache.

    6. Tap on OK.

    Hope that helps.

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