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    I am interested on buying the 300 but want to know more about it first. Can you really see any website or is that exagerated? And do you have to connect to pcs vision or do you connect to your own ISP? Help please.
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    i have not tried that many web sites but you seem to be able to see many. the blazer browser clips stuff to what you would want to see. it won't be graphics-heavy, but i have been able to check and bid on ebay auctions, and some other stuff.

    yes you have to use pcsvision. and i think it would be expensive after the first 3 free months, to do a lot of browsing on the treo. but if you have a few particular things you need to do, i think it's great.

    i check my aol mail regularly and can answer from the treo unlike my prior phone (you could answer but how much can you type on a darn phone keypad??) and i can check my ebay auctions and bid if needed.
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    Anyone have any idea why I can only get as far as placing a bid on Ebay but after taking that step, it just says "review bid" and shows the item number but I can't click on anything? In short, I can't finish the process of placing a bid. This is the case either on Blazer or EurdoraWeb. I have the Treo 180. Is it an encryption or security problem? I can access my accounts on Schwab (but not on Fidelity). Hmm.
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    There are lots of sites that are "mini" sites for wireless devices. You can view almost all regular sites. Some dont work well, like graphic intensive sites or ones that use some types of applets. Im no web expert, but I think the J2ME type applets tend to not work on blazer.
    I suggest you do a search on this board for "favorite sites" or something like that.
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    Originally posted by aarons12
    and i think it would be expensive after the first 3 free months, to do a lot of browsing on the treo.
    Why would it be expensive? For $10 a month you get unlimited Vision. It might be expensive to use your own ISP, but why would you if you have Vision?

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