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    Hey Guys,

    Everynow and then when I sync on my machine that is running the bc client, I get a crash:

    memorymgr.c line 5253
    chunk under-locked

    and then I have to reset...

    any ideas?

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    I get it too. According to Handspring (or perhaps someone else) it's supposed to be a "third-party application" conflict.

    I don't know, it seems all of these errors are blamed on 3rd-party apps. The one I've been getting a lot lately is:

    DataMgr.c, Line: 5964, Invalid uniqueID passed

    I get it at least once a week (and twice today already). Really frustrating.

    Handspring has a list of most of the errors and what to do about them (which isn't much).
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    MobileDave -

    I get the exact same error as you do (invalid unique ID passed).

    What third-party apps do you have installed ?
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    Most recently, itís been:

    No hacks.

    AIM, Album to Go, AvantGo, BigClock, Birthdate, ChessGenius, Datebk4, Eudora, EudoraWeb, finCalc, JavaHQ, MobileDBLt, SmartDoc, SplashID, ToDo Plus.

    Most were reinstalled ďautomaticallyĒ when I bought the Treo and updated it from a previous Palm. According to treotim in another post, that might be the problem. So Iíll try reinstalling the apps from scratch one by one and cross my fingers.
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    OK. But just so you know, we don't have any third party apps in common. I think this is just a SprintBC bug (are you using this ?)
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    Yes, I am using BC personal edition, syncing with my work email (Outlook). In fact, my latest errors were repeatable and always happened at the end of a scheduled wireless sync with BC. So I know it was involved but I just assumed that a third-party application was impacting it.

    Now I'm not so sure. Perhaps it's just BC screwing up. Who knows. Right now, I have nothing installed except BC, Buttons-T, Eudora and Splash. So we'll see.
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    glad i took a pass on sprintbc... pocketflash and my regular email account for me.
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    My guess is that the error is coming from BC - the initial problems with BC all were around user login and this error message sure sounds like it relates to that area.

    It is a pity that Palm OS does not identify the application that has failed if the action being performed is some kind of system patch which effectively runs in the background.

    Handspring appear to list all the errors that the device itself is likely to throw up with no extra software. That is fair enough given the huge amount of other software and versions of that software which can throw up other errors. If they listed common errors from other software, we would all call them for advice and that has to be costly.
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    Hello Dr. Art,

    Kevin from Handspring here. That error message is usually caused by hacks or third party applications. Have you installed anything new recently? Hereís a link to this entry on our Support pages:

    Best of luck,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the reply...

    The only problem is that this crash only occurs in my machine at work when it syncs with BC... my machine at home does not have BC installed and thus it does not crash...

    Do you consider BC a third party app? (I consider it a first party app... as the T300 is designed to only work with sprint) I have no hacks installed...

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    Sorry about this one, but Sprint confirmed that the invalid unique ID passed error is a BC server issue. I was told that this was a known issue and should have been resolved with the most recent BCPE update.
    If anyone is still having this problem, try downloading and installing the new client. Make sure that you delete the old version first.


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