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    Hello all !!!

    Here in Italy I found 2 different suppliers blaiming to have Treo 270 World.
    They say this is Triband (900/1800/1900).

    I didn't find anything about it on and I wonder if they are just inventing to try and get more people to spend 890Euro for the unit...

    In the site they mention "Triband GSM module integrated"...

    Do you know anything about it ?

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    from what i read and understand it's only dual band with 900 being constant but they sell diff models in the US and the rest of the world.
    mine's the 900/1800 one, i know of someone with the 1900/900 one tho'
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    I bought a Treo 270 on eBay, it was GSM 900/1900. When my backlight went out in Poland they gave me a GSM 900/1800 Treo. I seiously dought a tri-band Treo (although it should) exists, as I haven't seen one anywhere...

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