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    I have downloaded the gprs update and blazer, now does "fly", BUT the screen turns itself on every couple of minutes or so - whether connected to gprs or not. Handspring suggested a hard reset, which achieved nothing.

    Any Idea's??

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    Delete any SMS's in the pending folder and the problem will disappear
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    Nagui... just done that and it works.. brilliant. How on earth did you find that out? When I rang Handspring this morning, they just told me to return the machine for exchanging... claiming it was faulty...
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    Actually I had the same problem and found the solution in a thread here in Treocentral.
    It flashes out because it keeps trying to send the pending SMS all the time,
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    I never posted about it but I successfully solved this issue by reading the above mentionned thread. (Title was something like "hyperactive backlight...".

    Sure Handspring technical support should spend more time reading forums, they would learn much about what they are supporting.
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    max text was the culprit in my case, no pending messages either....

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