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    Hi all, i just purchased my treo from singapore and am very excited about all it's features and stuff, discarded my t68i due to it's superbly slow speed.
    anybody can offer me information on what good and bad stuff i can expect from my new 270?
    I gotta upgrade the software to the gprs 1.1 that everybody's talking about...battery life is a bit dismal huh? especially coming from a t68i...
    pls post your views, i'd appreciate it greatly.
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    I have had my treo 3 days- it was may still l go back to Carphone warehouse for an exchange to an xda. Also previously had a t68
    The battery life is lousy. The support is poor, and there doesn't seem to be an effective support forum- I had no replies to my queries of the other day.
    I have downloaded the gprs update and blazer, now does "fly", BUT the screen turns itself on every couple of minutes or so - whether connected to gprs or not. Handspring suggested a hard reset, which achieved nothing.
    1) You need an APN account ( or at least with Vodaphone you do) to access GPRS internet ( rather than datA internet that you accessed with your t68i)
    2) The "wireless on" mode doesn't defualt to gprs... you have to manually connect to gprs, AFTER turning the "wireless " mode on.

    Other than that, it seems pretty good...

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    Great, I will be reading the manual the whole of today and enjoying every minute of it...
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    Update on my new 12 hour old treo 270...

    crashed 3 times with fatal exceptions during my installation, syncing back to my old palm addresses and all and installing the grps update. now about 12 hours later, it's working fine and dandy for now with no problems with blazer or one-touch mail. all other applications are fine too...will post 36 hour report tomorrow.


    I'm happy...crashed 3 times only, from the news I heard, 3 is not a bad number haha.

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