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    I get my email sent to me through yahoo and I tried checking it on Treo. It kept giving me information about reading Java scripts and basically it looked like I'd have to upgrade to a new version or downgrade to an old one to read my email. (I could see how many messages I had, but I couldn't read them).

    I just need simple text, no pictures or anything to occasionally read emails when I'm on the road and can't get to a computer. I'd probably be using it a few times a month, max. Any advice on setting this up?

    And given the fact that I don't use the internet much at all on treo, I'm thinking of staying with my current G2 plan (500 anytime, 500 weekend minutes). I'm tempted to sign on, for the same price to (500 anytime, 4500 weekend minutes) but it is a 2 year contract and Sprint's customer service is so terrible I'm not sure I want to lock into this. Is it a big mistake to continue with G2 plan with a G3 phone? I don't care about screen savers and color games and new bell rings, but the sprint sales people make me feel crazy for not upgrading.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    I've heard this issue before. However, I'm confused because I can easily check my Yahoo email using Blazer by going to the Yahoo mobile site ( Additionally I've heard that using the Java version of Yahoo mail on the web (i.e., on your desktop) may interfere with accessing it with your Treo. However, I use the Java version of Yahoo mail on my desktop and it doesn't seem to affect me when I access my mail using the Treo.

    Actually, for me, Yahoo email is about the only thing that works well on the Yahoo site! Don't know what to say...
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    An easy way to check Yahoo mail by using the Blazer web browser is go to, and sign in. It displays email just fine.

    Alternatively, you can get any one of the multitude of email programs out there to pull your yahoo email (Corsoft's Aileron, Eudora, even TreoMail) for you. Should work just fine!
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    You have to pay 29.95 a year to Yahoo in order to get POP service to your account.
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    Use the above URL for Yahoo and it works fine for the palm screens. Also, I have a few other email addresses that you can set up to be accessed through Yahoo, such as your sprint address. You need to set it up on your desktop computer. It works great. My only gripe with Yahoo on my Treo is it doesnt have an address book feature.
    Also, do a search on this board for favorite web sites or similar. Blazer does best on the mini sites, and there are lots of them out there that are worth bookmarking.
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    if you are getting mail sent thru yahoo (ie pop mail) you might want to try
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    There's another way to get the webmail version of Yahoo ...

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