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    i just switched to the treo from my trusty and reliable sanyo 4000, which i used for 3 years with sprint's leather case. this has apparently made me soft, as now i find the treo to be INCREDIBLY uncomfortable against my ear (i'll take lambskin against my ear over hard metal/plastic any day).

    i'm looking for a case that stays on the phone at all times (not only for comfort, but also to avoid "flirting with danger" while removing or placing it in some kind of holster/wallet). the casetech case looks decent (especially without the button attachment, because i have no need to wear it on my belt), but the pictures also make it look like the earpiece is covered in clear plastic rather than leather. any owners out there who will attest to the comfort (or lack thereof) of the case against your ear? anyone find a better option? before i pay an arm and a leg for shipping one way, i'd like to know i'm not going to eventually decide to return it (thereby wasting even more money on shipping).
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    I feel your pain ... Van Gogh, my brother.

    What I did was carefully file down the top edge of the flip cover to get rid of that hard ridge (which after about 10 minutes on the phone feels like a serrated knife).

    While not an elegant solution -- nor a soft, buttery case -- it's better than before.
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    I think the case by Krusell will do it for you. I seem them selling on Ebay all the time...

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