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    i checked the "interactive manual" for my treo 300 on handspring's website, and it led me to believe that i could change the alert/ring for my voicemail notification (i'd prefer to set it to something more noticeable than a quick "beep beep"). but when i check the ringers preferences, it simply shows me an on/off pull-down menu for the voicemail alert. i assume that handspring either made a mistake or that this is something available in the 180/270 that didn't make it into the 300. i'm really hoping that someone will prove me wrong, though, or that someone has found a hack for this... any thoughts?
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    TreoAlertMgr --
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    How does TreoAlertMgr do anything to change the alert for VM? Must be a trick. Please advise.
  4.    #4 I'm trying out the treoalertmgr demo, but it's not exactly what I was hoping for (although I do like the fact that the alert will repeat itself with timed reminders). What I'd prefer to have is some way to change what ring/tone the alert uses (in ADDITION to repeating, actually). The default "beep beep" of the Treo is just too quick and too quiet to notice in loud environments. Perhaps if the developer of this app could tweak the code a little to add this functionality? (not too subtle "hint hint" ... wishful thinking out loud) On my previous phone, I had all my voice calls ringing with a phone-sounding ring, and my voicemails and text messages alerting me with songs. ...That's pretty much what I'm hoping to be able to do on my Treo.
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    Originally posted by mlemke
    How does TreoAlertMgr do anything to change the alert for VM? Must be a trick. Please advise.
    Well, you can't change the sound for the voice mail alert, but you can definitely change the frequency of the alerts, or cause the Treo to vibrate.

    The repeated "beep beep" is definitely more noticeable (and sometimes more annoying) than a single "beep beep".
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    Sprint seem to make all their phones so that there is a single alert tone possible for Voicemail. Must be a standards thing with them.
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    Kevin from Handspring here. Iíve got good news for you: You can in fact change and even create new tones for your ringer and alarms. Iíve included a link below that gives you the details.

    Have fun,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    Hi Kevin,

    Sprint specifically fix the ringtone for voicemail so it cannot be changed. You cannot change this tone.

    Please eat your own bread (i.e. test the solution out yourself) if you are going to offer advice in the name of Handspring.

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    While I generally agree with Pory's post, I sure do appreciate someone from Handspring at least monitoring and trying to assist on this board - WHAT A FREAKIN' SHOCK IT WOULD BE IF SOMEONE FROM SPRINT DID THAT, EH????
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    Although Kevin from Handspring kind of missed the question that was being asked, at least he/they monitor the message boards... I've seen his name a few other places responding to people as well.

    As for Sprint, I heard that they have Claire monitoring the message boards... I'm sure her advice will be useful.
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