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    How can I transfer particular bookmarks that I have in IE or NS on my desktop into Blazer on my Treo??

    I workaround would be to publish the desktop set as a web page, visit that page via my treo, visit each link and then bookmark them -- gotta be a better way!?!?
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    Good question! I'd also like to find a way to do a Blazer-To-Destop Bookmark transfer. Is there a file that is writen to the PC on Sync that I can open and at least get the bookmarks that way?
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    The file

    C:\Program Files\Handspring\PROFILENAME\Backup\BLBookmark.PDB

    contains your bookmarks. I successfully transferred that file from one profile to another to copy the bookmarks that way, and you can also open it up in Notepad and see the bookmarks (scattered in between wierd characters)

    I think there is a desktop PDB viewer/editor or something that might be useful for this too, but I haven't tried it.

    For the original poster/question - another option is to copy & paste your bookmarks into an outlook note that gets synced with your palm (or a palm desktop note) and then on your treo copy that and paste it into blazer.

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