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    I've noticed that, within the last 2-weeks or so, my "always-on" data connection is disconnecting randomly. I'm only using Blazer and SnapperMail, and both are set to NOT automatically disconnect. Any other settings to check or ideas? If others aren't experiencing this problem, I suspect it may be SnapperMail as this is the only recent change I've made to my Treo.
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    I am suspicious of SnapperMail as well. It also crashes the Treo when SMS messages arrive.
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    I noticed that occuring over the last day or so... I have had SnapperMail installed for about 5 days so I don't think it is "Snapper". Perhaps it is Sprint?
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    This has nothing to do with anything on your phone. Sprint is screwing with their production servers in an attempt to enable SMS on the Treo 300. The data service is going up and down. I use the SprintBC for e-mail, and my phone has been soft-resetting about three time a day when it goes to sync new messages.

    They have promised to have this finialized by this Sunday (of course, last week, they promised it would be done three days ago, so take this with a grain of salt).

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