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    I recently upgraded to the new GPRS 1.1 version. I used the patch on TreoCentral to fool the GPRS install software to think I had service with Singtel. During the installation I had my SIM card from an Indonesian provider that doesn't yet offer GPRS service. The installation finished with no problems and I can access the network however no GPRS is available.

    My wife's GSM provider offers GPRS service but when I put her SIM card into my Treo 270 it comes back with a message saying that the SIM Card is damaged and only emergency calls will be possible. I tried moving the SIM card slightly both ways in the clip to ensure it lined up with the connectors but this didn't help. I know the SIM card is good because if I put it in my Nokia hp it works fine.

    I didn't try the SIM card from this other GSM provider prior to upgrading the GPRS patch so I don't know if the update has anything to do with the Treo not recognizing the SIM card.

    Any ideas? I plan on converting my GSM provider to the same one that my wife uses but I wanted to use her SIM card before switching mine to make sure that everything was working first.
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    I don't think GPRS has anything to do with the problem, the card is probably an old one, Treo will not work with old Card, ask your service provider to switch the card to a new one (I did that for free), probably it wil work then

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