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    I'm a long-time Prism user and lover of graffiti-style text entry, so I've been hesitant to switch to the Treo 90. Treo users seem to like the thumb keyboard, but have to fumble with thumbs and stylus when a screen tap is needed.

    Palm's operating system features an optional onscreen keyboard for tapping text entry, but is this feature accessible on the Treo 90? If there's no lower text entry field (which is where Palm user's tap to activate the keyboard), how can the Treo 90 enable the onscreen keyboard?

    My fear is that this option doesn't exist for Treo 90 users. And my ultimate fate is to become all thumbs....

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    All the basic features of the Palm OS are still present in the Treo, even Graffiti. In the built-in programs, instead of "Keyboard" and "Graffiti Help" options in the Edit menu, you'll get "Keyboad" and "Keyboard help." In other programs, when you selected the "Graffiti help" option you get a message about not needing graffiti, and then the keyboard help.
    In other words, the on-screen keyboard is still there, and accessible through the Edit menu of most programs. On rare occasions there will be an app with a text entry field and no access to the Edit menu. It sucks, but it's rare.
    As I mentioned, Graffiti is still in there. The trick is to have the OS pay attention to the screen for graffiti rather than the graffiti area that's absent. My favorite app for this is NewPen, but there's also Jot, RecoEcho, and if you can find a copy, ScreenWrite. I love NewPen for how it works, but at least on my Treo 180, when it's enabled my Treo crashed when I try to HotSync. These programs are hacks, after all. NewPen doesn't need a hack manager, which might be a source for its propensity for crashing my Treo, but it's still a hack.

    Anyway, like everyone else, I love my Treo 180, and don't miss graffiti at all. I rarely ever use NewPen because the keyboard is easier. Also, with a cheap screen protector, I have no fear of tapping my screen with my fingertip when needed.

    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    Thanks for the reply, Greg. I appreciate your comments.

    It's good to know I've got the onscreen keyboard security blanket if my thumbs are too clumsy for input. And since the thumb keyboard doesn't have a backlight for work in the dark, the onscreen version provides a useful alternative.

    - wwwiz
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    yeah, the backlit keyboard is one of the big selling points of the 270 (other than the color screen, of course ;-). If you're still waffling, and can afford it, spend the extra cash on the 270 for the color screen and backlit keyboard.

    Seattle Palm Users Group!

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