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    Yes, I've looked at BalanceLog -- it appears to be the old DietLog plus a whole lot more.

    BUT - it's fairly expensive for a handheld program (you'd think they'd sell the palm version separate from the desktop version, at least as an option). AND... no trial period! I just find it tough to shell out $50 or $60 for a program I can't test.

    Actually, when DietLog was available, you could test it for 30 days, which I did. They stopped selling it during the time I was testing, which was really frustrating -- I couldn't keep using the program, I couldn't buy it, and BalanceLog wasn't available. I emailed and telephoned the company about these frustrations several months ago, and they basically didn't respond.

    I can respect the need to be a business and make money, but in my personal experience, they're making it hard to do business with them.
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    My favourite software for the 300 is the Treo 300 SMS application from PDA Apps.
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    Here's a list of apps I use other than those that came with Treo... feel free to ask questions. If you know of a better app, let me know. I'm in sales so contact management is the most essential task for me.

    [list=1][*]AvantGo - rarely use but it's cool[*]Iambic Agendus - my favorite scheduler & I've tried all of em[*]BizConnect - [*]BugMe! - love this but I think the alarms occasional crash Treo[*]DocumentstoGo Pro - excel/word files on palm[*]iSilo - doc reader[*]HandSpring Photo Album[*]PowerOne - Finance Calc[*]Ringo - ringtone mgr[*]Secret - password keeper[*]Silver - nice launcher[*]SuperNames - must have for me... great techsupport[*]TakePhone - this may be my favorite app of all. Makes dialing easy when you have a ton of contacts. I always dial by name with my thumb so I can keep track of who I've talked to. [*]Treo300SMS[*]upIRC - testing... kind of new to IRC but it's cool[/list=1]

    Utilities & Hacks
    [list=1][*]AlertHack[*]ClockPop Hack[*]Crash Hack[*]FindHack[*]FontHack123[*]FileZ[*]Fontbucket[*]Hackfinder[*]Installigent - evaluating but I like it well enough[*]NewPen & Hack[*]OpenLogo Hack[*]Select Day & Time Hacks - evaluating[*]SoftTrack[*]Switcheroo hack[*]Supress KeyClick Sound[*]ToolOne[*]TreoAlertMgr[*]TreoButton[*]TreoTools[*]X-Master[/list=1]
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    Originally posted by msetzer
    Here's a list of apps I use other than those that came with Treo... feel free to ask questions.
    [...][*]iSilo - doc reader
    [...][*]Crash Hack
    Thanks for the tips!

    How do you like iSilo? I've used Aportis doc reader and I'm thinking of buying it but haven't really compared it to others.

    Also, what is Crash Hack?
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    I can't say that I've tried all the doc readers out there but iSilo works well. Comes with a useful utility called iSiloX that let's you convert any txt & htm file or web address to a palm doc. That's the main reason I use it really.

    CrashHack is a little hack that intercepts crashes.... You can set it to automatically reset a few seconds after getting a reset-type error and it will create a log as well. Using the accompanying crash log program, you can look at all your old crashes/resets to see what program(s) are the problem.
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    Well, I do not have a Treo yet because it is missing a few options that I want (SDIO (future bluetooth), laptop modem capabilities, longer battery life, PQA-equivalent applications) but I have been using a Palm m515, cable and StarTac Timeport phone with the following applications:

    1. Avantgo (paid for bigger storage)
    a) Yahoo (it downloads my movie, weather and stock portfolios) from preferences. I see what times the movies are playing at my 10 chosen theatres around the USA (including telephone number, address and review of the movies). Like my movie preferences, I have my weather preferences from around the world. Since I have real-time quotes service enable on my Yahoo account, my stock portfolios include those quotes plus the news associated with those companies. I had to pay for bigger storage because the Yahoo downloads were too big
    b) Bloomberg, CNet, CNN, Fool, MSNBC, New York Times, WSJ (different news reports)
    c) Encarta Language Learning (French and Spanish)
    d) MapQuest (saved directions)

    2. Vindigo 2.0 ( add a few USA locations)
    3. Worldmate (weather, world time, conversion tools and money market rates) I having figure out how to get it to change Daylight Savings Time correctly.
    4. DocumentstoGo Pro
    5. BizConn (not supported in above configuration but I use the Voice Command as complement whenever I received a SMS messages)
    6. iSilo
    7. Games (monopoly, scrabble, blackjack, bejeweled, etc)
    8. Silver (better access to SD card applications)
    9. Earthlink Access numbers on the Palm (for laptop dialup)
    10. Zero-Sixty Corporation Concourse (train and subway schedules)
    11. Various Internet related tools (IP Subnet's, IPcalc, N.E.T., NetToolBox, DNS Peek)
    14. MetrO (transportion directions in various world cites)
    15. WinHand
    16. X-Master (for PopUpNames and PopUpCalc)
    17. Various PQAs
    18. American Sign Language application
    19. Converter
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    Just bought a Treo 180 for my wife, so I thought I'd dig this thread back up. Anyone got anything to add in terms of software updates, new releases, etc?
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    Originally posted by msetzer
    I think BugMe is one of the more useful apps. However, it seems to crash occasionaly when it's alarm goes off. Anyone know if it's incompatible with any other apps?
    DiddleBug same as BugMe but it doesn't crash on alarm, and it's FREE!!!
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    It seems as if the gigantic list up there has seemingly redundant programs. Can anyone tell me what these do? Doesn't it seem as if they do many of the same things?
    ClockPop Hack
    NewPen & Hack
    OpenLogo Hack
    Switcheroo hack

    I use:

    Silver (GREAT launcher, love the themes)
    Today (sorry, PC person...)
    Bugme (yes, crashes... but handy- since I have rechoecho but don't actually know how to use Graffiti, and can't use Giraffe to learn it)
    Traffic (highly recommend- great game for lines),
    Mahjongg (games are important. I like lines now...)
    Ringo (crashes if I assing pics to callers, but need Get Smart + Hitchcock ringer)
    Handspring Photo Album (haven't used yet)
    Ok, Mars Needs Cows, Tennis Addict, HMaki and Snoods...

    But, I don't like the phone book integrated with Treo. It was easier to find a number with a Nokia - with one thumb while driving... Hoping Agendus will help now that you can apparently dial directly out of that app. I use bug me and Agendus for all of my alerts. I would like also to change the alert sound for SMS...

    That's about it for now. Bagged Datebook, too complicated, HoHo- cool but don't know how to use it...
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    can anyone shine a little light on where to find this "Treo Alert Manager" - looked up various search engines to find nothing. Help me out please
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    ok, i've just find it, but it's no longer freeware as someone on this tread noted. It's sth about 10 bucks now. too bad
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    Originally posted by mieczotronix
    can anyone shine a little light on where to find this "Treo Alert Manager" - looked up various search engines to find nothing. Help me out please

    Never mind. I saw you found it.
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    Originally posted by lesnla
    Can anyone tell me what these do?
    But, I don't like the phone book integrated with Treo. It was easier to find a number with a Nokia - with one thumb while driving...

    TAKEphONE is just what you want then - it enables "thumb" lookup (using an on-screen LARGE keypad), and much much more !

    Look it up at

    Thanks -
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
    "Take telephony into your Palm"
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