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    I've been using this app since it was released with no problems. Starting about a week ago (when Sprint decided to "update" their SMS servers), it stopped working.

    Is anyone else using this with no trouble now ? I'm thinking that Sprint has changed the front end of the SMS system so that Treo300SMS no longer works when forwarding to their servers.
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    i downloaded and installed the app two days ago and i love it. it provides the sms features that did not come with the treo 300 by default.

    i am having problems with the application. occassionally, when i receieve new sms messages, my phone will lock and i have to soft reset. it is annoying, but not enough to remove the application.

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    I have had some issues recently receiving messages through the short mail gateway with Treo300SMS. Sending to phone numbers or email addresses has worked fine. Receiving through has worked as well. I have had delays in receiving short mail. Delays, however, are better than not being able to get it (the old pre-Treo300SMS days).
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    Quick question: If you have been offline is there anyway to get online and check to see if you have any new SMS? At work I can't get reception and when I do get back online no SMS that people say they have sent do not come thru.

    Is there any workaround that you guys know of?
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    PDAapps is working on something so that a future release will check every 15 mins for new short mails. I have had similar issues to you. One way to get it to check is to send yourself a message at your phone number using Treo300SMS. You'lll then poll the short mail box and get any new messages sent to your phone.
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    it sounds like all SMS gos thru pdaapps server if i use treo300sms.

    if i ever uninstall it, does SMS revert back to the sprint servers?
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    If you read the fine print on the PDAapps site, they state over and over that their product piggy-backs on the Sprint manage site/text messaging interface. If it's down, Treo300SMS doesn't work. You ALWAYS use the Sprint servers.
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    I absolutely love this program. ...especially after I realized that it's a quicker and more convenient way for me to send short email-notes than going into my Eudora (which I now use just for checking mail and dealing with larger mail). Hats off to the developers on this one.
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    I agree completely. Now if I could only train people to leave out quoted material when they reply, I could SMS back and forth with someone on a computer. It's too bad it clips everything at 160 characters. It's still a great program and makes my Treo the complete communication companion.

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